Collect 11

We are a booking and creative CONTENT agency specializing in electronic music scene. collect 11 curates unique experiences in the event and digital spaces.

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ARTIST BOOKING & Special locations

Collect 11 is an independent agency. We connect our talented artist with unique venues all around the world, creating special moments for the electronic scene to engage in. We like to see artists and our fanbase to grow, search out for what’s best for them and help them on their way to furthering their path of success. Learn more on how you can get involved with Collect 11 and their artist roster and location list by clicking the button below.


Content Creation

We help manage artists and venues creative content on their social and digital platforms by curating innovative masterpieces for each artist or specific event. Let us help create content for your goals. Collect 11’s mission is to help launch artists and events to a whole new level in the social space. Click below to start getting your hands on the goods.

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We travel across the globe to find ourselves on the dance floor, amongst others that find themselves gravitated to the same space. We come here to shift our consciousness together and to create a higher vibration by being lead by our favorite sounds in unique locations.